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Sitio Web para Gimnasio - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web

Construction company

Diseño de Páginas Web Personalizadas

Concerts and festivals

Sitio Web para Gimnasio - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web


Sitio Web para Gimnasio - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web


Sitio Web para Gimnasio - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web

Travel Blog

Sitio Web para Gimnasio - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web

Ceramic factory

Sitio Web para Gimnasio - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web


Sitio Web para Gimnasio - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web

Furniture design

A website for a real estate development company

The website of the real estate development company Domun.

San Juan, Argentina

for a real estate development company

Web design for a company specializing in concerts and festivals.

Home page: Contains a high-quality image of a live musical performance.
Navigation menu: The navigation menu is simple and easy to use.
Services page: Describes the different types of music the company can provide for corporate events using titles, icons, and descriptive text.
About us: A detailed description of the company, its history, and its values.
Contact: A contact form is available on this page, as well as contact information such as an email address and a phone number, as well as a link to social media. A map shows the business’s location as well.
The visual design is consistent and reflects the atmosphere created by live music.

Buenos Aires

Página Web para Empresa Constructora - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web

Ceramic factory

Ceramic factory web design.

Business Corporate - Mariana Kirby

Travel blog

• Travel blog with a personal narrative. Travel options for different types of travelers: Includes popular destinations as well as lesser-known ones.
• The site provides useful and practical information about destinations, such as travel tips, suggested itineraries, recommendations for accommodations, transportation, security, and budgets.
• Photos and videos of a high quality help capture readers’ attention and give them an idea of what the destinations are like.
• Easy navigation and attractive design. The website is optimized for search engines (SEO) and promoted. A unique approach and style.

Business Corporate - Mariana Kirby

Gym webdesign

Fitness gym website of Thulmann Fitness.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sitio Web para Gimnasio - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web

Spa website design

Spa website. Each service is described with high-quality photos. The colors used were browns and pinks, which are natural tones that evoke serenity.


Business Corporate - Mariana Kirby

Hotel website design

Site for the hotel “Puerta del Sol” in Pinamar. Upon entering the site, you will be familiar with every aspect of the hotel. Several photo galleries are included as well as descriptions of each room and department, so the client can easily locate himself.

Pinamar, Argentina

Business Corporate - Mariana Kirby

Furniture design and decoration company website

Website for Manhattan Custom Furnishing, a furniture factory and design company. Our relationship has lasted many years, and this is the third site I have built for them.
Additionally, I remove the background from photos taken at the factory.

Long Island, NY

Wholesale website

Wholesaler Cabral’s website.

San Juan, Argentina

Technology website

Website for Bhaurac, a company that imports and distributes materials and equipment for the dental and medical industry. The website features CTAs, listings, descriptions, and photos for each product and equipment department. It also has a mega menu with clear navigation.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Business Corporate - Mariana Kirby

Websites for furniture manufacturer

Outdoor furniture factory “La Española”.
A website featuring photo galleries of various furniture styles. This responsive design focuses on cell phone adaptability.

San Isidro, Buenos Aires

Creative companion website

Website for “Creative Artistic Companions”, a very high level company that organizes cultural outings in Mahanttan. Elegant and personalized site.

New York