Web Design

Mariana Kirby

Website design customized to your needs

✔ Designing and building modern, professional, and functional websites.

✔ The design adapts to any screen size.

✔ People find you when they search for you.

✔ It is your cover letter, in which an attractive design is essential. Within milliseconds, the user has a first impression of your website.

✔ Websites increase notoriety, relevance, and visibility with international reach.

Let’s get started!

Diseño web corporativo para Hotel - Mariana Kirby


Designing websites for corporations

Professional websites for businesses, societies, designers, etc. Functional web pages that stand out for their modern, minimalist and responsive design. Having a web page gives the impression that you are reliable, as well as being businesslike, as compared to only utilizing social media.


Webdesign for professionals studios

The design of a professional website should be in line with the business, containing a sense of respectability. At the same time a website for professional studios shouldn´t be boring.
Among others, I design websites for law firms, accountants, architects, and music producers. They convey a sense of security and confidence. It is important to have a professional and personalized website if you want to succeed online.

Sitios web para estudios profesionales - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web


Web design for photographers, architects and artists

Creating websites with photo galleries and portfolios online is something I’ve been doing for years. It’s easy for me to tell what works and what doesn’t. While maintaining the overall appearance of your website, I can optimize images to maximize its performance.


Microsites and landing pages

A microsite is a small website designed to provide concise, direct and easy-to-use information. Because of this, they make communication direct and clear. It contains approximately three to five sections describing the services offered and contacting information. Micro-sites or single-page websites have many advantages. Websites like these are focused, specific, and SEO-friendly.

Sitios web para estudios profesionales - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web
Diseño de Páginas Web Personalizadas


Websites of non-profit organizations

A company’s website has become the office of the company, especially when we are talking about a non-profit organization. This is because it wants to show the world what it is doing and why it is worth investing in or collaborating with it. Potential donors are likely to dislike a page that says nothing and does not convey a trustworthy image. Therefore, an opportunity was missed.